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Name:Natalie Rivers Dobson
Life often doesn't go the way you want it to.

Natalie came home one day to find her mother lying in a pool of blood on the floor of their apartment; this time things had gone too far. Her mother had kept promising "if he ever hits me again, we'll leave," but the promise was never kept, and now it's too late.

She got away, but she knows her mother's boyfriend is going to show up eventually. He has to be looking for her; she has something he wants. Which is funny, because she thinks he's already taken everything she had.

It sucks to be eleven years old and on your own. Especially with a bastard like Roger Hamlin after you. Natalie didn't know if she'd ever stop running and hiding. Until something miraculous happened.

((This is a fictional character, for play in InsaneJournal RPGs. She is an original character, and all of her characterization and dialogue and the like is the creation (and intellectual property) of her mun. The PB is Becca Gardner.

Natalie is only half-human. Although she doesn't know it, and her mother didn't know it either, her father came from another world. She has some of his abilities. The most notable ones that have developed so far are her ability to communicate with animals, a facility for getting through locks (both mechanical and electronic), and the fact that cameras don't record her presence. She is unaware of the last one at this time. More information about her powers and how they affect her interactions with your characters can be read here.))

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